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Welcome to the homepage for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Alaska Local 1959!

Our Local covers the entire State of Alaska and is made up of construction workers in the following crafts:

  • Painters
  • Drywall Finishers (Tapers)
  • Glaziers (Glass Workers)
  • Floor Coverers
  • Sign and Display Makers

Building construction – no matter what trade – is HARD WORK and no one should have to beg their employers for a livable wage, medical benefits, or a retirement!

The several hundred members of our Local make up a group of construction workers that understand that if they band together and collectively negotiate wages and benefits with their employers, then they can improve their quality of life – and that’s exactly what Union membership is all about!

United together, workers can bargain collectively for themselves and each other!

Divided apart from one another, workers are left to beg for themselves.

These are the concepts that have brought our Union, indeed, all Unions, into existence.

Our Local – Local 1959 – is here to facilitate a harmonious relationship between Labor and Management and to perform the following duties:

This includes negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements on behalf of our members, dispatching workers to employers when they are needed, and arbitrating grievances.

We actively try to promote ourselves in the industry to both workers and employers. Many workers appreciate the security and added benefits of being a union member and many employers have seen the union help their companies grow and ultimately make more money.

Starting with extensive safety training and our apprenticeship program, and continuing on to journeyperson upgrade classes, we take training seriously in Local 1959!

When it comes to politics our Local is interested in one thing and one thing only: the rights of the working class. Our Union strives to avoid issues unrelated to labor, and focuses instead on what our local and national Representatives can do for the working men and women in our State. Everything from laws raising Alaska’s unemployment payouts, to dealing with employee misclassification and workers compensation fraud, our Union is involved!