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Health Insurance

  • Painters and Allied Trades members and their families are eligible to participate in our affiliate health insurance plans.


  • The Painters and Allied Trades Industry Pension Fund provides you with a secure retirement plan. Members qualify for full retirement benefits at age 55 with 30 years of credited service.

Representation on the Job

  • Your union will make certain your right s are protected on t he job. That means you’ll get paid what you’re supposed to get paid, on time. It also means you’ll have t he right training and equipment to get the job done safely.

Continuing Education

  • All members of t he IUPAT are eligible to pursue advanced career training and even college credit s in our program.

Apprenticeship Programs

  • Apprenticeship in its simplest terms, is training for those occupations commonly known as skilled crafts or trades, that require a wide and diverse range of skills and knowledge, as well as maturity and independence of judgment. [more…]

Training and Education

  • The Finishing Trades Institute is the training and education department for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. The FTI oversees an apprenticeship-training program where those who wish to enter our trades learn their craft. We not only give you skills to do your job, we make sure you do your job safely. The IUPAT requires all of its new members t o under go extensive safety training t o make certain our job sites are the safest in the industry. That’s import ant f or you and it’s import ant for your family!